About ElZEIN Medical Services

Medical Services provides routine and urgent medical care, travel medicine, immunizations, as well as sexual health services, reproductive and gynecological services, LGBTQ health care, and confidential HIV testing. Students are encouraged to make appointments online with their health care provider.


Get to know our staff and your Primary Care Provider:

Medical Services is organized into four practice groups to provide high quality, accessible, well-coordinated care: Amsterdam, Broadway, Morningside and Riverside groups (all are located within the same facility). Each practice group is compromised of physicians, nurse practitioners, registered nurses and support staff. This model of care helps simplify and streamline routine administrative needs and processes, including obtaining a referral, ordering lab tests or prescription refills. That's why appointments made with your designated practice group are strongly encouraged.

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Staff at Medical Service Company

Since our primary goal is to make our customers more comfortable, we believe in providing the utmost in healthcare products, services and information to our customers and referral sources. Getting to know our dedicated team of clinicians, delivery technicians and friendly support staff will make you understand our promise of “Caring, for Life