We are ElZEIN

When El Zein medical supplies established at, It was one of our company's philosophy is to find a new understanding to the healthcare idea , Which is not to find treatment to Illness rather to find a new style of healthy living .

Through our several outlets and various products , we tried to be the warm hand and the safe guard to keep the human body living in healthy atmosphere , The only image we leave it to our customer is a beautiful smile that calm down fears and reduce our tiredness
The home care sector has been developed to include and find best names for treating or forecast the symptoms of:
  • Vascular cardiology problems ( Blood pressure monitors , Pulse oximeters , ) hand held ECG .
  • Breathing and asthma difficulties ( Nebulizers , Oxygen concentrators , Cpap , Humidifiers .
  • Hospital furniture with regarding the new theories of care giving in Houses and Hospitals .
  • Rehabilitation metal tools for the special needs and handicapped .
  • The physiotherapy treatment and antidecubitos air mattress , ( Ultra sound tense machine , Air mattress , Hand held massager ) .
  • Scudo varis , and other medical textiles .
  • All the special needs for diabetics ( Glucose monitors , Strips , Lancets )